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Quality Control

Quality Control in Processe of Die Casing

Lobam has very strick way on quality control through a set of  complete quality control system and advanced inspection instrument and equipment. We strictly control every process from material entering inspection to finished die castings inspection.

Material Incoming Test

· Spectrograph test: To make sure the chemical ingredients in aluminum and its alloy qualified;

· Mechanical property test;

· Hardness test: To ensure the hardness meet customers’ needs;

· Grain fineness test;

Concentration Melting Inspection

· Deslagging and degassing: Removing the nonmetal and gas in molten aluminum and its alloy to make the aluminum die casting parts having excellent inside structure and high quality.

· Temperature test: In order to be keep the good fluidity while die casting, the temperature of the molten aluminum and its alloy shall be real time monitored and can be transferred only when the temperature reaches above to 680.

The Processing Monitoring Of Aluminum Die Casting

· Moulds temperature control: To control die casting quality through monitoring moulds temperature by usinginfrared thermometer.

· Die casting processing inspection: to ensure the appearance and inside structure of aluminum die castings qualified

· Mould discharging agent test: the mould discharging agent plays very important roles to the quality of die castings. It will be spotted by discharging agent when it too much or stuck in the mould once it too little.

Final Inspection

· Visual inspection: avoiding defective die castings flowing into next process by visual inspection.

· X-Ray flaw detection: It finds out the anywhere inside defects of die casting.

· Dimension test by Coordinated Measurement: it make sure all dimensions of die castings meet customers’ strict requirements.

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