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Aluminium Die Casting

About Alumium Die Casting/High Pressure Die Casting

Lobam is one of leading manufacturer for OEM aluminum die castings. Our the-state-of-art facilities ensure that our factory has sufficient capabilities to achieve large series aluminum die castings at consistent quality and high lever of cost efficiency.

The Most Used Aluminum Alloy at Our Plant

- US Standard  A380/A383/A413

- European Standard: ENAC 43400 / ENAC 44300 / ENAC 4600 / ENAC 46500

- Japan Standard: ADC12

Our Aluminum Die Casting Facilities

Furnace: 500kg, 1000kg;

Aluminum Injection Die casting machines:

Lobam has 16 units full automatic die casting machines, specifically 4×180Ton ; 4×280Ton; 2×300 Ton; 2×400 Ton; 3×500Ton; 1×800Ton; All these automatic facilities ensure that our die castings plant has sufficient capabilities to achieve large series production in time at consistent quality and high-level of cost-efficiency.


Yealy output: 5000 ton Aluminum

Die castings weight: range from 20g to 8kg

Inside view

Mould design and development

Consentration Furnace

Alumnium Alloy Die Casting

CNC Machining

Sealing Test

Inside Porosity detector

Quality Certificates: TS16949:2009

Application Fields

- Automotive Industries

- Power Tools Parts

- Others ( Yacht, Machines and Electornics etc. )

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