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About Lobam

Lobam Aluminum Die Casting Background

Lobam Machinery Co., Ltd and its factory (name shortened DDAIC), were established as a professional aluminum die castings (parts) processing manufactuer, who have more than 20 years experiences on aluminum die casting and post machining, surface treatment.

Our factory start business in 2005 with a 110,000 square meters floot areas and 32,000 square meters manucaturing area. The factory employees reache to 280 in the year of 2016.

Under the principle of "Quality is life of company", our factory registered ISO/TS16949:2002 in 2007 and TS16949:2009 since the year of 2007.

With hard work, outstanding quality and reliable service, our factory achieved 28 million US dollars annual turn over. 80% among them are automobile parts, which are widely used on engine system like water pump, transmission system, emission system, connecting rod and brackets etc.

Lobam's Aluminum Injection (High Pressure Die Casting) One-stop Service:

Our factory scales and facilities are on the top list of aluminum die casting processing capabilities in the east of China. We continually obtain well reputations in the market on the fields of:  

Why Choose Lobam?

* Experience: more than 20 years experience in development and manucaturing high-quality aluminum die castings.
* Processing: design, prototype, sampling, tooling, die casting, machining, surface treatment, assembly and delivery, full line.
* Castings range: from 20g to 8kg;

* Industry: 80% automotive parts, 10% hardware, 7% appliance and electronics parts;
* Quality: TS16949:2009 registered, Spektrometer, Brinell Hardness Tester, CMM, X-ray lab.
* Service: dependable, professional, international service team.

Application Fields

- Automotive Industries

- Power Tools Parts

- Others ( Yacht, Machines and Electornics etc. )

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